Events - with TRANSIt

TRANSIt participated in the 5th KeyCoNet meeting

TRANSIt was invited and represented by EA in the 5th KeyCoNet network meeting that took place on 28-30 April 2014 in Malta. TRANSIt is a 2014 Case Study and project 's activities were presented.

TRANSIt @ II Symposia on Today's Education

The TRANSIt project has been disseminated at the II Symposia on Today's Education (19-20th February). The Symposia gathered policy makers, researchers, teachers and other agents in the educational community in order to reflect on educational change. More information about the event is available here

TRANSIt@ PEEP Conference 2014

TRANSIt will be represented at the PEEP Conference "Developing the professionalism of educators, assessing life-long learning". The event will take place in London at 25th & 26th March 2014 at the College of Teachers. Participation is open to anyone involved in the education field.


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