PEEP becomes an associate partner of TRANSIt

Policy for Educator Evidence in Portfolios (PEEP) project describes and advocates an ePortfolio career-tracking system for European Union (EU) educators (teachers/trainers) in order to strengthen professionalism and raise standards of teaching and learning. It argues for a need to include non-formal (planned activities) and informal evidence (acquired from normal experiences), as well as formal qualifications, in order to provide a more complete picture of an educator’s knowledge and competence. Professional principles (well-qualified, life-long learning, mobility and partnership) rather than arbitrary standards are suggested as being more enduring and meaningful in transnational contexts as the criteria for selecting appropriate evidence. These are defined for the beginning, middle and specialist stages of a career. The policy and ePortfolio tool developed were piloted in the partnership countries (U.K., Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece, and Wales). Recommendations have been collected from stakeholders’ feedback regarding the development of the ePortfolio career record. It is suggested that this tool becomes a mandatory recording system of continuous professional development for EU educators in order to assist and confirm professional status and provide a useful passport for mobility.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014